Mentoring and Supporting First Ladies, Associate Ministers' Wives, and Widows


Maryland Covenant of Ministers' Wives, Inc.

Q: When are the MCMW meetings?

A: There's only one meeting which is held in January to discuss the calendar for the new year, goals, etc. We come together at least once a month for a development class, community service, outreach or fellowship (e.g. husband appreciation luncheon, etc.)

Q: I would not be able to attend some of the events. Can I still become a member?

A: We understand that sisters have competing priorities (e.g. family, ministry, work, etc.). You can still become a member and attend events as your schedule permits.

Q: Is MCMW for Baptist minister/pastor wives only?

A: MCMW is non-demoninational. Our sisters fellowship at various denominational churches (e.g. Apostolic, Non-denomination, Baptist, etc.)

Q: What are the dues used for and what happens if I'm unable to pay?

A: No one in MCMW receives a salary. The dues are used as an offering for instructors for the development class, materials for outreach, etc. If a member is unable to pay dues, they are still a member. However, a member's voting rights could be jeopardized.